Whether a minister is hoping to increase effectiveness inside the church or a business manager is trying to recapture quality of life beyond managerial duties, coaching is a remarkable tool for helping bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. By cultivating and boosting your existing skills, resources, and creativity in a safe and challenging environment, coaching is the perfect way to explore a variety of professional and personal possibilities as well as articulate new goals.

Customized For Ministers = Great for Congregations
CareNet East offers a personalized approach to coaching with programs designed around each minister’s individual needs and intentions. By helping ministers become more strategically focused while also energizing their sense of purpose and satisfaction, coaching provides significant benefits to congregations. Happier and more focused ministers are better able to serve congregations for long, productive tenures.

Finding Success
The goal of coaching at CareNet East is to help individuals to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, discover their dreams, and set the goals and steps to realize them. Our coaches assist ministers and lay leaders in creating steps and accountabilities to move toward success in their personal and professional lives.

Our coaches can help an individual to assess his or her various capacities and bring them to bear in new and creative ways. Our coaches listen, observe, and customize their approach to individual client needs. In a coaching relationship, the client maintains the responsibility for creating, pursuing and maintaining the outcomes they seek.

You will be carefully matched with a professional coach based on your needs and goals.  Most coaching takes place in hour-long, confidential telephone meetings once or twice per month.   Coaches are also available to clients via email. For a cost-effective way to support your minister, coaching is one of the most direct and valuable services of CareNet East.

For a minister coaching is about:

  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Achieving personal and professional goals
  • Bridging the gap between present conditions and desires for the future
  • Clarifying vision
  • Exploring possibilities and determining next steps

For a faith community, coaching is about:

  • Happier, healthier ministers who have more energy to focus on the congregation
  • Ministers who are more strategically focused and are effective at establishing goals and working for results
  • Getting the best of what the minister has to offer
  • A cost-effective approach to increasing the capacity of ministers
  • Longer tenure for ministers

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