In May of 1999 approximately 40 ministers from the Greenville, NC, area met with representatives of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s CareNet of NC to discuss the formation of a pastoral counseling center in eastern North Carolina. In November of that year, community leaders joined the discussion, and a board of directors was appointed to oversee the process. The Center was developed as a partnership between Wake Forest Baptist Health’s CareNet of NC and the local faith community. CareNet handles the clinical side, hiring and supervising of the clinical staff; the local faith community provides the hospitality ministry, which includes providing client aid for those without insurance, the facilities where the counseling takes place, and the local office staff. The local group is incorporated as CareNet Counseling East and operates as CareNet East.

The partnership opened the Center in May of 2000 with an interim director and three part-time staff members at 3219 Landmark St. in Greenville. At that time a search was already underway to find a full-time director. It concluded in November 2000, when the Rev. Dr. Steven Scoggin was named as regional director. He arrived in February 2001 as the first full-time pastoral counselor. He continued to serve as director until April of 2004, beginning a duel role in 2002 as President of CareNet of NC. Under his leadership the center expanded to a staff of 2 full-time, 2 half-time and 1 part-time counselor. By the time he left CareNet East, the Center was providing approximately 3000 hours of counseling per year.

In November of 2002, a second location opened in Rocky Mount at the Lakeside Baptist Church. This center began by providing counseling one day a week and is now moving toward three days of ministry per week. In April of 2004, the Rev. Dr. Frank Dawkins became regional director of CareNet East. On October 27, 2008, a third location was opened at Kennedy Home (between Kinston and LaGrange). The site currently provides services to residents of Kennedy Home.

It is anticipated that in 2011 the Center will provide approximately 3800 clinical hours of service. It currently is composed of a staff of three full-time, one half-time, and two one-evening per week counselors.