Overcoming Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction is a serious issue that affects many people and their families from all walks of life. Drugs of abuse include alcohol, illicit drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin), and prescription medications. The path to addiction begins with experimentation, generally with benefits outweighing costs initially. With more frequent use, what began as a voluntary choice, turns into a psychological and physical need. Addiction is a problem that many people face, but the good news is that it is treatable.

Over the past fifteen years, research has shown that addiction actually causes physiological changes in the brain and is therefore viewed as a chronic illness that can be treated with a combination of medication, talk therapy, psycho-educational group work, and the support of twelve-step groups. Many people turn to the support of a faith community in addition to these components of treatment.

CareNet East now offers an outpatient substance abuse treatment group, facilitated by Esther Metzger, M.Ed., D.Min., LPC, NCC two evenings per week for a total of three hours. This is a psycho-educational group that educates members about drug addiction and assists them in developing a relapse prevention plan that will help them to achieve the goal of long-term recovery. Individuals appropriate for this group must schedule an assessment first before beginning the group process. In addition, clients are also seen for individual counseling to address substance abuse issues.