“I consider the pastoral counseling staff of CareNet Counseling East as an adjunct staff to our ministerial staff. I have referred many people to its caring counselors. I am grateful this pastoral counseling center is here to serve so many churches and people in eastern North Carolina.”

Greg Rogers, DMin Senior Pastor

Oakmont Baptist Church, Greenville

My family thanks God daily for the presence of CareNet in our community and the wonderful pastoral counseling we are receiving. Although we were sorely in need of counseling, it is doubtful that any of us would have sought help outside of a faith-based ministry such as CareNet East.

 A Greenville couple

“Early in my ministry I realized that everyone, at some time or another, faces a hard battle. These battles have different biblical and psychological names. But no matter how we label these tough times, the response of the people is the same. I have seen people feel beaten down, lose hope, feel rejected, and literally cry out in frustration and pain. As a minister I have felt limited educationally to work completely through these tough times of life with my congregants. I have not been comfortable offering only salve which gives immediate but not long-lasting relief and healing. In the deeper issues of life, people really need solid therapy rooted in the experience of a God who offers healing, who offers repeated chances to make better decisions, and who ultimately offers new life. CareNet Counseling East is a place of safety, understanding, and patience for persons to discover healing and new avenues of living. I have referred persons from my congregation as well as some friends to CareNet Counseling East. The staff is more than wonderful. Their commitment to ministry and to people has far exceeded my expectation. Without hesitation I recommend CareNet Counseling East as a place to help others find hope and resources for a new life.”

J. David Griffin, DMin Former Minister of Winterville Christian Church,

Founding Board President of CareNet Counseling East


“The CareNet Counseling East is an extension of St. James Church’s ministries. The people of St. James and I have always been thankful for the grace-filled ministry of support that they have offered to our community. We are blessed to have CNCE among us. My numerous referrals to them testify to the confidence I have in their work.”

H. Gray Southern Former Pastor

St. James United Methodist Church, Greenville